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Wheat bran
Inna Stefaniuk
Foreing Trade Manager
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Denis Spivak
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Wheat bran

Alfa 77 offers wheat bran that can be used as an excellent feed additive for all farm animal species without exception.

Wheat bran is mainly used in the formulation of feeds. Due to the high content of nutrients and B vitamins, it should be included in the daily diet of dairy cattle and growing calves.


Wheat bran is rich in minerals and contains multiple nutrients, such as calcium, starch, phosphorous and dietary fiber.

Average bran composition contains about 13% moisture and 15% protein, including 9.7% digestible, 8.8% fibre, 5.3% ash and 4.1% fat. The digestibility of bran organic matter is 80%.


In bulk, 20-25 kg bags

Minimum order

From 20 tons

Delivery geography

Ukraine and abroad


Delivery by our own vehicles